Bali Box is one of Newsweek's Best Holiday Gifts of 2020!
I ordered one of these for my daughter and it was the absolute most fun gift I ever gave! Not only are the items hand crafted by local artisans, we're helping people AND it's so out of the box! If you're tired of the same ol' shopping ideas, order a Bali Box!!
– Kristen Gaun Brown

All of the products in this box are handmade with love from artisans and families from Bali, Indonesia! The attention to detail is just amazing! I absolutely love the lantern made out of a coconut and the woven teal offering box is just sooo beautiful! Thank you so much @baliboxshop
– Brandy Vanderford

I love my Bali box! Everything I received was really beautifully crafted and added a great amount of charm to my home. I was also impressed by how quickly the items arrived considering they traveled halfway around the world. This is not only a great gift for myself but also would make a great gift for a friend. Receiving the Bali box felt like a fun surprise :)
– Heather Grace Gordy

During this time as we shelter in place I am drawn to the unique and creative hand made pieces I received from Bali. They have brought me calm and inspiration that I would have never expected. They draw me to a place of wonder and give me dreams of traveling once again. I can’t wait to meet the artists and the land of Bali.
– LS 

Bali Box was a welcome treat to unwrap during these times. My wife and I ordered it as a gift to ourselves. We've been quarantining at home for a long time, and Bali Box is like a little vacation. We were transported to magical Bali for a time. We enjoyed reading about each item and Balinese culture in the booklet that was included, and we love the way the box, carving and ornament add a touch of the tropical to our decor. The backpack looks great on both of us, and my wife wears the bracelet all the time. I definitely recommend Bali Box as a gift to yourself or your loved ones.
– Aaron


Beautiful unboxing shots by Savannah Peterson of Savvy Millennial, featuring the adorable Martini